The Pondcast, Episode 55

Ralph's on the Phone

, and
with special guest Ralph Till, Tampa Bay Turtle and Tortoise Society

TheTurtleRoom brings you the The Pondcast, Episode 55: Ralph's on the Phone. An audio-only version is also available for download. Visit to learn more about the show.

In This Episode...

EDITOR’S NOTE: At some point, we made a mistake in the numbering sequence of episodes. The number that appears in text is the correct episode, not the one you hear during the show.

In this video, the guys sit down with their friend Ralph Till, President of the Tampa Bay Turtle and Tortoise Society, to discuss how things are going. Ralph is one of the most successful breeders of the Egyptian Tortoise, Testudo kleinmanni, in the world and he has lectured on the subject at several conferences. He is known as one of the most calculated and attentive tortoise keepers around, and his insights and strategies are always worth hearing about.

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