Kevin Minto

Video Production Coordinator

Kevin Minto, Video Production Coordinator - theTurtleRoom

Kevin Minto is the Video Production Coordinator for theTurtleRoom. He is responsible for creating and producing (with the help of other team members) the educational content that you see on theTurtleRoom’s YouTube channel and also provides support to the Senior Director. Kevin was introduced to turtles at a very young age from his older brother who kept them as pets. Growing up there were always turtles in and out of the house. Having spent twenty years filming and editing skateboarding, he now brings his passion for film to chelonians. Kevin primarily works with Diamondback Terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin ssp.) and North American Box Turtles (Terrepene sp.). Kevin’s passions outside of turtles are his family, skateboarding, biking, kayaking, hiking and film. Kevin lives in the Northeast with his wife, two daughters, three dogs, and their bale of turtles.

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