Husbandry Tips

Whether you're looking for tips for caring for your very first turtle, or you just want to brush up on some basic information, the amount of research you can do on the correct husbandry practices for the particular species in your care is endless. You will run across many varying opinions, and as time goes on we are constantly learning more about the best ways to care for all species of turtles and tortoises, both those common and rare to the pet trade. Everything from the quality of water your turtle lives in or drinks to the diet of your new reptile friend is a complex matter specific to each species group.

While the "tips" and "tricks" below aren't species-specific, they will answer many of the "how do I do that..." questions you'll have as you learn about all the things that go into making your turtle or tortoise's quality of life as optimal as possible. We hope that these husbandry tips provided below can answer many of your questions.

Disclaimer: Husbandry Tips section is an educational resource. It does not cover all "tips of the trade", nor can we guarantee all information in this section. While theTurtleRoom's staff and contributors have significant experience, these "tips of the trade" are just that – "tips" or "suggestions". We strongly suggest you take your turtle or tortoise to see an experienced vet for an health-related issues.

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