Steve Enders

Steve is the Founder and Director of theTurtleRoom, responsible for theTurtleRoom's consistent achievement of its mission and goals, oversees all development of educational resources, and handles all the web and technical details. He also authors many of the educational resources for the site and works with other organizations (AZA and TSA) and privately to develop quality, detailed captive breeding programs of carefully selected turtle and tortoise specimens in an effort to meet theTurtleRoom's conservation goals. Steve holds a B.A. in Music (with concentrations in both Jazz Studies and Saxophone) from Lebanon Valley College and is a graduate student studying Mathematics at Millersville University. Currently, Steve keeps mainly the Graptemys species, many of which are presently threatened or endangered. His trio of Graptemys oculifera will be part of the upcoming AZA Species Survival Plan for the species. Additionally, he co-owns a group of Geoemyda spengleri with Anthony that are also listed in the AZA SSP for the species. He has also published a North American Regional Studbookstudbook for the Western Hermann's Tortoise (which he co-wrote with Chris Leone of Garden State Tortoise). Steve is a member of the Turtle Survival Alliance and Turtle & Tortoise Preservation Group as well as (Steve E), (theTurtleRoom), and (theTurtleRoom). You can contact him at [email protected], or on Twitter as @steveenders8. For more about Steve, head to his bio page.

The Pondcast, Episode 79

Captive Animal Welfare

In this episode, we discuss what it means to be a zookeeper, keeping reptile species that are meaningful to the keeper, and an animal wellness rating system that Ryan uses to audit current setups and identify areas needing improvement.

Be a Turtle Hero

Celebrating 10 years of education, conservation, and survival! Exactly 10 years ago, theTurtleRoom launched as a website with the dream of providing a platform where a community of like-minded turtle enthusiasts and keepers could gather to share resources and knowledge. This journey began with myself and Joe Sullivan as the main contributors to the site, but soon added Anthony Pierlioni and others to the team …

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The Pondcast, Episode 78

Horses and Turtles

Charlie is a great friend of theTurtleRoom and a well respected animal expert who made his name in the equestrian world. His passion is endangered species and education and he has a strong focus on turtles and tortoises. Using Charlie Moorcroft’s own private collection of critically endangered and protected species of animals, along with other related exhibits, the Moorcroft Conservation Foundation provides an intimate, hands …

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The Pondcast, Episode 77

Guestless In Seattle

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our intrepid turtle heroes find themselves guestless (though none of us are actually in Seattle). Join us for a fun night of sharing stories, updates, and silliness as we begin the crescendo towards celebrating theTurtleRoom’s 10th anniversary!

The Pondcast, Episode 76

The Next Generation

A torch bearer for a younger generation, Jordan Donini is a turtle academic who is taking the world by storm. His work on reproductive biology in chelonians and tireless work in the field in South Florida make him a must follow on social media. The hosts sit down with him in this episode, to fawn over what a delight it must be to learn under …

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The Pondcast, Episode 75

Turtles and Trash

This month, we are joined by Tyler Brooks. Tyler is a husband, father of two daughters, founding member of the Kinixys Working Group and the owner/operator of a solid waste disposal facility. In addition to what is sure to be an enjoyable conversation centered around Tyler’s favorite genera, Kinixys and Manouria, you just might learn more about waste management then you ever thought you would!

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