Kevin Minto

The Pondcast, Episode 94

Riverside Reptiles

Tonight’s special guest is Brian Kleinman from Riverside Reptile and Education Center. Brian is EmmaLee’s boss, but she is his better half at work, being sure to keep him in line all the time.

The Pondcast, Episode 93

The Turtle Lover's Guidebook

Tonight’s special guest is Dr. Tony Monahan, author of the highly anticipated “Turtle Lover’s Guidebook.” Tony has been traveling the entire country, tirelessly, in an effort to document every zoo with a worthwhile turtle collection.

The Pondcast, Episode 92

NyQuil Time

Anthony forgot after work that he had a Pondcast that night. Kevin struggles with timeliness again. This episode will go down in history as the low point against which all other bad episodes will be measured.

The Pondcast, Episode 88

Daniel Parker of USARK Florida

This month, Daniel Parker joins The Pondcast to discuss one of the biggest issues of concern to private keepers and conservationists – potential legal changes in Florida and beyond.

The Pondcast, Episode 87

Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group with Dr. Craig Stanford

This month, we are joined by Dr. Craig Stanford. Craig is Professor of Biological Sciences and Anthropology at University of Southern California, studying both primates and chelonians.

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