Welcome to the CheloniaCast podcast. Come join us and our guests (Watch | Listen) while we tackle topics as diverse and informative such as the rich science of Chelonian ecology, evolution, husbandry, conservation- or just discuss our simple love for turtles and herping adventures! We invite a wide range of guests from all turtle-related backgrounds because we strongly believe in helping turtles swim to the ears and hearts of everyone of every level and type of knowledge/ interest for turtles.

Bonded by a common burning passion for turtles, CheloniaCast is hosted by a team of four young herpetologists- Michael, Jack, Jason, and Ken. Be sure not to miss any upcoming episodes by subscribing to our channel and following us on Instagram.

In conjunction with the show, theTurtleRoom has set up the CheloniaCast Fund to support global research and conservation efforts. Near the end of each calendar year, the CheloniaCast Hosts and theTurtleRoom’s board will work together to select projects around the globe to receive the bulk of the year’s contributions to the fund (75%). The remaining 25% of donations to the CheloniaCast Fund will go toward theTurtleRoom’s general fund to support our conservation, research, and education programs.

The show is also available as audio-only (Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | iHeartRadio | RSS). Check out the rest of theTurtleRoom's website for more information about theTurtleRoom, conservation, education, and turtles of all kinds.

CheloniaCast Hosts

Michael Skibsted

Michael is an American Junior Academy of Science Fellow, Stanford Scholar at the University of Georgia, Founders Fellow of the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, and an award winning student researcher. His interest in chelonians has taken him to over 25 states and two countries where he has conducted field work and presented at professional symposia on topics ranging from Texas spring turtle ecology to original research conducted with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Michael is currently a senior in high school in Southern California.

Ken Wang

Ken lives in Atlanta and is currently a Milton High School senior. He collaborates with Dr. Todd Pierson in his Plethodontid salamander lab at Kennesaw State University, where he studies red salamander morphology. As leisure, Ken enjoys herping, birding, reading herpetological papers, and is a devoted photographer. Ken’s favorite animal is the velvet ant.

Jason Wills

Jason is an undergraduate student at Kent State University where he is pursuing a B.S. in Biology and Anthropology. He holds a position in the animal facilities of KSU’s Department of Psychological Sciences where he works with mice and rats. In his free time, Jason maintains a small number of captive animals and regularly gets outside in search of turtles and other herps. Regarding his future plans, he hopes to get the opportunity to do some turtle research in graduate school and get into a career working with animals

Jack Thompson

Jack is a member of several Chelonian Conservation organizations across the United States, and is currently finishing his High School career in Delaware. He's traveled to and conducted fieldwork in serval states, and regularly works with the Santa Fe Turtle Project and the Turtle Conservancy in a coordinated effort to study the Chelonian assemblage of the Santa Fe River drainage. Jack is fiercely passionate for all Chelonians, and has interests that span from research to captive keeping and recreational herping.

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