Adult female Testudo hermanni hermanni from Apulia, Italy. Photo by Chris Leone.

Western Hermann’s Tortoise North American Regional Studbook, 4th Edition


Steve and Chris release the studbook’s 4th edition.

We are proud to announce the release of the 4th edition of the Western Hermann’s Tortoise North American Regional Studbook. Significant changes have been made as a result of new genetic information regarding the species. The studbook is now divided into four management units for conservation action, following the recommendations from the aforementioned research; but specific locales within each management unit are still tracked and animals are only bred with members of their same locale. We have also created a new numbering system that will better serve the studbook in the future. Lastly, a few simple protocol have been established regarding the addition of new animals to the program and assignment of numbers to offspring from program-listed parents.

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