Hatchling Red-Eared Slider from a Pennsylvania pond (a non-native area)

World Turtle News, 06/25/2015

Turtles face threat from Red-Eared invaders

This report out of Toronto reminds us once again that many turtles around the globe have been invaded by one of their own — the Red-Eared Slider. The introduction of this hardy species has led to many other species having to fight for survival against another turtle species that doesn’t belong. It is of utmost importance that we continue to remind pet turtle owners it is never a good idea to release their animals into the wild.

Turtle News From Around the World


Baby Blanding’s turtles released in Rouge Valley (Canada).

Drowned turtle highlights Gold Coast’s (Australia) fishing line problem.

Turtles nesting at record pace in South Carolina.

Sea Turtle nesting off to a great start at Fort Myers Beach.

You can help Virginia Aquarium monitor sea turtle nesting.

Numerous sea turtles have been released back into the wild over the past few days including: Natty, these 7 sea turtles at Virginia Beach, Ella, and Amie.

You can follow this turtle’s path since she was released two weeks ago.

Evolutionary Biology

New turtle fossil sheds new light on the evolution of the shell.

Crime & Punishment

Increasing illegal turtle sales raise concerns as turtles are sent to Asia for food.

Man receives 5 months in prison for killing a sea turtle.

Chelonian Medical

Injured turtle found tangled in fishing net at Phuket Beach.

Human Medicine

Therapy tortoise provides comfort to patients.

Did You Know…

You can use this resource to see all the places to which Red-Eared Sliders have been introduced.

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Photo of a Red-Eared Slider hatchling pulled from a pond in Pennsylvania, where they are non-native.


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