The Aldabra tortoise at Kimbiji, shortly after its discovery in December 2004. Photo by C. Muir. Figure 1 of Gerlach, et al. (2006).

World Turtle News, 05/09/2015

Of Swimming Tortoises and Saving Sea Turtles

Saturdays seem to be slow news days. Today, we bring you more stories of saving sea turtles, but more interestingly, the recollection of a story about a swimming (or floating) Aldabra tortoise. While the occurrence of the tortoise coming ashore on a beach in Tanzania is more than 10 years old, it reminds of some of Darwin’s theories of how the giant tortoises were scattered to the remote ocean islands.

Turtle News From Around the World


Saving the sea turtle on the French Polynesian island of Moorea is no easy task.

InfraRed cameras used to monitor sea turtle nesting.

Another rehabilitated sea turtle is returned to its wild home.


Students from an elementary school in British Columbia learn how to get involved in saving turtles from road mortality.

Did You Know…

An Aldabra Tortoise was rumored to have lived for 255 years. However, this record is questioned due to a lack of records on the tortoise.

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Photo by C. Muir. Figure 1 of Gerlach, et al. (2006).


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