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World Turtle News 07/22/2021

Researchers Discover New Deadly Disease For Gopher Tortoises Researchers at the University of Florida have discovered a new fatal illness in Gopher tortoises. Gopher tortoises are listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, so having a fatal disease spreading will only make conserving this keystone species more difficult. To read more about this disease, follow the link. Turtle News From Around the World Conservation USA: 4 …

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World Turtle News 07/06/2021

Still time to assist with Exciting Graduate Research Involving Turtles Graduate Student, Paris Werner, is still looking for people to take his survey to help with his research about turtles. Here is what he had to say about the survey. “My name is Paris Werner and I am a Master’s student at Penn State University. My research aims to understand why people like turtles, including …

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World Turtle News 06/25/2021

Marine biologists raise and release Blanding’s turtles in Michigan to save species Earlier this week dozens of hand raised Blanding’s turtles were released into the wilds of Michigan to help save this species of concern. SEA LIFE Michigan Marine biologists give the young turtles a good start to prepare them for their release. Follow the link for more. Turtle News From Around the World Conservation …

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World Turtle News, 05/29/2021

Nellie the green sea turtle released by Aust Seabird Rescue CC at Shelly Beach, Australia Olive said it is a “bittersweet moment” releasing them back into the ocean. “We are sad to see them leave because you do grow attached but it’s heart-warming seeing them back in the ocean where they belong,” Olive said. “Because green sea turtles are an endangered species it’s even more …

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World Turtle News 5/18/2021

tTR 10th ANNIVERSARY T-SHIRT CAMPAIGN NOW LIVE! theTurtleRoom is gearing up to celebrate its 10th anniversary coming up in June! We thought there was no better way to kick of the celebration than with a special, 1 week only, t-shirt campaign. The shirts will be available until May 23rd, and proceeds will help support our education, conservation, and research programs. Follow the link to purchase …

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World Turtle News, 5/14/2021

New Jersey University Caring for 826 Rescued Baby Turtles Over 800 baby diamondback terrapins have been brought to Stockton University after being washed into storm drains in Ocean City. The turtles are emerging from their nests, which they overwinter in, and are trying to make their way to the bay. But curbs leading to storm drains are impeding their progress, fortunately the University is ready …

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