World Turtle News, 05/10/2015

Become a Turtle Tallier

Under the “Research” section we have three stories asking for assistants in reporting turtle sightings whilst you’re out and about. This will help scientists understand the turtle species around us and how to best help them. So read the stories and maybe check to see if your local area is conducting something similar you can participate in. In the “Crime & Punishment” section we have yet another image of a person riding a Leatherback turtle. I hope they find this person and educate them about why they should not be do that. The “Miscellany” section has a rather splendid sculpture that would look stunning in any tortoise lovers garden or front room.

Turtle News From Around the World


Turtles begin journey to other side of wetlands.
Ensuring ocean free from plastic bags to protect turtles.
SCU Coffs Harbour marine scientist assisting turtle project.
8 turtle hatchlings rescued at Cavelossim.
Not a single turtle egg here is ever sold to public, says warden at Tanjung Datu.
EU takes up the turtle fight.
Turtles & Tortoise: Conservation Program.


Our Spring Turtle Research Has Started!
Bruce Museum enlists citizens to help track turtles.
Residents can participate in reptile survey.

Crime & Punishment

Alleged captivity of hawksbill turtle in resort probed.
Woman ‘surfs’ on Leatherback turtle’s back.


Glover Street tortoise surprises, attracts, invites touch.

Did You Know…

Blanding’s Turtlev (Emydoidea blandingii) The species’ range centers around the Great Lakes, and extends from central Nebraska and Minnesota eastward through southern Ontario and the south shore of Lake Erie as far east as northern New York, with a few disjunct populations in southeastern New York (Dutchess County), New England and Nova Scotia.

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Photo from Adopt a pond


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