Completed turtle pond.

What Gets Me Through

Anthony talks about the current COVID situation from a turtle person’s perspective It’s a scary time to be alive – a scary time to be a parent, to be a family member of folks in the “at-risk” age, and a scary time to have a household to keep functioning. Still working adds more stress for me, and the need to support and even lead others […]

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Anthony's daughter checking out a Russian Tortoise

Vicariously Living Through the Next Generation

Anthony marvels at the beauty of an innocent mind interacting with animals As a newer parent, I am aware of the danger I can pose to my children. Being too overbearing, too soft, or too obsessed with work or my hobbies are just a few possible trainwrecks that come to mind. Living vicariously through our children can be a huge mistake, a fact in which

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A pair of Geoemyda japonica (Ryukyu Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle)

Leave Them Alone

Anthony opines on the merits of “hands-off” turtle husbandry My night starts like any other, with me laying in bed with my wife and daughter, sitting relatively quietly while my wife and I wait for our little ball of energy to finally tire-out and go to sleep. I usually use this time as an opportunity, much to my wife’s chagrin, to open up my macbook

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47 year-old female Trachemys scripta elegans (Red-Eared Slider)

How Popular Pet Turtles Became Popular

Dare to reverse the trend that has led to countless suffering animals There is a common, all-the-while wholly inaccurate, view that turtle species most often seen in captivity are the best fit for your family. I am here to tell you that these common misconceptions are not only noteworthy, but also potentially dangerous for the animals and aspiring keepers involved. It is risky to assume

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Juvenile Pyxis planicauda (Flat-Tailed Tortoise) - Knoxville Zoo

The (possible) Amazing Spider Ban

Anthony opines on the petitions that have been filed to list the entire Pyxis genus in the United States Endangered Species Act. Pro-gun lobbyists in the ever popular gun control debate in this country often point out the fact that the laws, against which their efforts are focused, often only affect law abiding citizens. We chelonian keepers often like to make the same claim about

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