The mission of theTurtleRoom is to advance survival of the world’s turtles and tortoises through collaborative education, conservation, and research programs. For more about theTurtleRoom, head over to our About page.

Digital Chelonian Log Logo

Digital Chelonian Log Release

theTurtleRoom Launches New Data-Keeping App —Lancaster County, PA TheTurtleRoom is proud to announce the launch of Digital Chelonian Log (DCL), a new data-keeping web-app available on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Digital Chelonian Log brings a level of data-keeping to any turtle keeper that previously cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. At launch, DCL will include two different […]

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T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, and Calendars for the Holiday

Pre-Orders are now being accepted on all apparel and calendars As the weather has cooled, we’ve gotten numerous requests for sweatshirts. So, we are now taking pre-orders on all apparel items again! We will be accepting pre-orders for the next two weeks and on November 2nd, orders will be placed for embroidered hats and screen-printed tees and sweatshirts. The goal is to make sure they

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theTurtleRoom Hats Now Available

New products added to theTurtleRoom Shop! Two new products have made their debut in theTurtleRoom Shop! You may have seen theTurtleRoom staff sporting theTurtleRoom hats in pictures, and they are now available for purchase. The first is a FLEXFIT® wool-like baseball cap with theTurtleRoom’s new logo made from performance fabric designed to keep your head cool while looking great. We are also offering a classic

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Anthony presents the 2015 ChelEd Award to Dr. Peter Pritchard

Dr. Peter Pritchard Receives 2015 ChelEd Award

TheTurtleRoom Presents First Annual ChelEd Award This post has been updated on 2/26/2020. TheTurtleRoom is proud to announce the first ChelEd Award for Lifetime Achievement in Chelonian Education. One of theTurtleRoom’s core beliefs is that all conservation begins with education. This award was created to recognize individuals who share that belief and have lived their lives by that belief. The inaugural recipient of the award

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New Staff Member, New Resource

theTurtleRoom announces the addition of a new staff member and a new resource. Today, we officially announce the addition of Kévin Labille to our staff in the position of Educational Resource Developer. He and our Founder, Steve Enders, have worked together to bring you today’s other announcement, another new resource. You can expect the two of them to continue to develop neat, interactive content together.

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Adult Cuora mouhotii obsti (Southern Keeled Box Turtle)

World Turtle Day, 2014

World Turtle Day, 2014: Why Turtles and Tortoises? For World Turtle Day, 2014, theTurtleRoom collaborates with our good friends at Garden State Tortoise and Arizona Tortoise Compound to bring you what we feel is our best video yet. Hear direct from the source as we answer the age-old question “why turtles and tortoises?” which we all have been asked before. It is our pleasure to

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Updates coming!

We wanted to give you all a warning: we will be switching hosting providers this weekend. We hope the downtime is a little as possible, but it is possible we’ll be down for a little bit. So, if you notice the site isn’t working, do not fear; we will return quickly! Additionally, our 2013 updates are currently being developed. While we may not roll these

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Hatching Indotestudo forstenii (Forsten's/Sulawesi Tortoise)

One More Breeder and an Active Blog

[image border=”true” group=”group1″ lightbox=”true” size=”vsmall” caption=”Assorted Food Picture” align=”right”][/image] Welcome back to theTurtleRoom! On the heels of introducing 2 breeders to you just a month ago, we are more than thrilled to introduce Ben to you. He joins our site bringing with him a wealth of knowledge on some unique species, continuing the diversity available on theTurtleRoom. Some of his achievements are: publishing the 1st

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