Hatching Indotestudo forstenii (Forsten's/Sulawesi Tortoise)

One More Breeder and an Active Blog

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Welcome back to theTurtleRoom! On the heels of introducing 2 breeders to you just a month ago, we are more than thrilled to introduce Ben to you. He joins our site bringing with him a wealth of knowledge on some unique species, continuing the diversity available on theTurtleRoom. Some of his achievements are: publishing the 1st edition of the AZA studbook on Indotestudo forstenii while he worked at the Memphis Zoo, the AZA Taxon Management Account for Cuora pani (also while at the Memphis Zoo), and being written about in Turtle Survival Alliance’s yearly magazine for his captive breeding and conservation of Indotestudo forstenii. We are excited about the 10 (sub)species that Ben will be featuring on theTurtleRoom. Check out his Projects page to learn about these species. These pages are currently not finished, but will have more information added to them over the next few weeks. Ben currently has one animal posted on his Availability page and other specimens of some of these species are expected to make their way to his page sometime this year.

Ben is excited to share his knowledge with these species as well as those he cared for during his time at the Memphis Zoo with the world, and we are excited to be able to provide the forum for this sharing of knowledge.

[image border=”true” group=”group1″ lightbox=”true” size=”vsmall” caption=”Assorted Food Picture” align=”left”]https://theturtleroom.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Indian-star-hatching.jpg[/image]

 As we introduce Ben, it is also a perfect time to introduce you to the future of theTurtleRoom.org Blog. In addition to providing availability updates and other news, it is now going to be a place providing educational material, as well. Each of our breeders will take turns posting on a variety of turtle-related topics. This will be just the beginning of theTurtleRoom’s production of informational and educational material.

Friday, April 13th, 2012 will be the first non-news post. We will produce at least 1 post every other Friday; there may be times when a post appears every Friday. We are looking forward to sharing and conversing with you on these topics and hope you’ll join us each week.

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