Digital Chelonian Log Release

theTurtleRoom Launches New Data-Keeping App

—Lancaster County, PA

TheTurtleRoom is proud to announce the launch of Digital Chelonian Log (DCL), a new data-keeping web-app available on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Digital Chelonian Log brings a level of data-keeping to any turtle keeper that previously cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

At launch, DCL will include two different subscription plans: DCL Free and DCL Premium ($80/year). DCL Free users will be limited to 25 turtles or tortoises, limited uploads, and basic features. With an upgrade to DCL Premium, the quantity of turtles and image uploads will be unlimited. More data views are added, as well as PDF Reports, and Excel Exports, and Document Storage. To compare the plans in more details, you can visit the Digital Chelonian Log App.

We are excited to finally release this to the public for your use and incorporate your feedback to give you a great experience keeping quality data on your turtles and tortoises!


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