World Turtle News 07/06/2021

Still time to assist with Exciting Graduate Research Involving Turtles

Graduate Student, Paris Werner, is still looking for people to take his survey to help with his research about turtles.

Here is what he had to say about the survey.
“My name is Paris Werner and I am a Master’s student at Penn State University. My research aims to understand why people like turtles, including owning them as pets.
I have created a survey to help answer my research questions and I would love for you to take part in it! Please follow the link to the website where you can sign up to take the survey and help out with science! You can also find additional information on my website.

Prizes will be provided for every 25th respondent (out of 100 respondents) who completes the survey. Every 25th and 75th respondent will receive a tortoise sticker. Every 50th respondent will receive a pair of turtle socks (M or F). Every 100th respondent will receive a box turtle T-shirt, see picture.”

Follow the link to take the survey and possibly win a prize!

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Photo from Paris Werner.

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