World Turtle News, 02/02/2017

Turtle Cemetery Discovered in Brazil

Açude do Cedro, one of Brazil’s oldest dam is now home for more than 400 carcases of dead turtles killed by the drought. Indeed, the reservoir is empty of water right now. The “seriousness” of the situation was recently exposed by zoologist Hugo Fernandes-Ferreira who launched an urgent investigation on the impacts of the drought on the ecosystem.

Turtle News From Around the World


Malta: Sea turtle rescued by fusherman

USA: 4 sea turtle hatched late in Florida

Crime & Punishment

USA: Woman faces charges for keeping turtle in poor conditions

USA: MAn faces charges for possessing a sea turtle


Java: Efforts to conserve sea turtles disrupted by coal plant

USA: Executive Order puts Padre Island National Seashore in a pinch

India: Oil spill put sea turtles in trouble

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