World Turtle News, 01/08/2017

Half-shell heroes saving lost turtles

Find out what the Kelly Tarlton’s Turtle Rehabilitation programme is doing to save sea turtles in New Zealand. Its name was Koha but the real gift was the crucial care a team of Auckland experts gave the critically endangered turtle, which ultimately saw its return to the wild. The juvenile hawksbill, named by Ngati Kuri iwi, was found stranded at Glink’s Gully near Dargaville in September 2014, in a severely lethargic and emaciated state. Koha’s journey back to health included being flown to Auckland for initial assessment at Auckland Zoo’s Centre for Conservation Medicine, before two years of care at Kelly Tarlton’s, with the support of the Sea Life Trust. Click the link to read more…

Plus a prescribed burn, gps eggs, turtle namings, a head banging tortoise, an early brumation wake up and a few amusing videos and lots more…

Turtle News From Around the World


USA:- How A Hollywood Prop Artist Could Help Stop Poaching At Its Source

Philippines:- Environmentalists, netizens outraged by defaced sea turtle in Negros

USA:- Louisiana Refuses to Protect Freshwater Turtles From Commercial Trapping

USA:- Prescribed burn helps local gopher tortoises: video

Crime & Punishment

India:- Baby parrots, turtles rescued from Crawford Market in Mumbai

China:- Giant tortoise rescued by forest police in SW China: video

India:- Turtle hunters feast on river basins of UP, more than 20k turtles smuggled every year


USA:- Loma Linda University researchers expand sea turtle research smartphone apps

Health & Medical

UK:- SHELLO 2017 Scots comic artist who became web hit after ‘tortoise unboxing’ vid posts clip of pet welcoming new year

USA:- Missing Tortoise found alive in Midlothian

USA:- Beloved Mote Marine sea turtle gets new Broward County home

Gibralta:- Marine experts ponder turtle findings

USA:- First Zoo babies of 2017 are snake-necked turtles


USA:- Line station a fitting memorial to turtle friend


This head-banging tortoise is your new heavy-metal hero: video

Tortoise struggles to eat cabbage stalk: video

Turtle – Tortoise – A funny turtle and cute turtle compilation: video

Float with sea turtles in perfect tranquility in VR: video

USA:- North Museum is having a naming contest for its newest baby reptile

USA:- Camden Aquarium Holds Naming Contest for Turtle Hatchling

This Week In Turtles…

Performance Pediatrics LLC will sponsor “Cold Stunned: Sea Turtles on the Brink” from 4 to 6 p.m. Jan. 14 at the Cape Cinema, 35 Hope Lane, Dennis, MA 02638, USA.

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Photo from Kelly Tarlton’s Turtle Rehabilitation programme.

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