World Turtle News, 05/01/2016

N.J. tries to keep terrapins from becoming road kill, pets or soup

On a gray, unseasonably chilly day last week, two turtle hatchlings emerged from their winter hibernation inside a hole three inches beneath the sand at the Jersey Shore. The diamondback terrapins, a unique turtle that lives in brackish waters along the coast and Delaware Bay, would soon taste freedom for the first time. But first, a biologist with the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor would have to remove the wire cages that had been placed above their nests last fall to protect the hatchlings – each the size of a quarter – from raccoons, skunks, and other predators. Click the link to read more about the Wetlands Institutes work…

Dermochelys coriacea (Leatherback seaturtle) spotted off Ocean Isle beach (Ecology section) and read about a trip to Trindad to research Dermochelys coriacea (Blog section). Seaturtle releases and researchers chasing turtles in the Conservation section. Watch a group of turtles balance on a log in the Miscellany section, plus lots more…

Turtle News From Around the World


Brevard Zoo releases rehabbed green sea turtles at Melbourne Beach: video

Researchers go to great depths to save turtle population: video

Volunteers come to aid of 20 turtles at Wonder Gardens


Canadian Seaturtle Network: Trip to Trinidad

Crime & Punishment

Seven nabbed dried turtle and dolphin meat

Rare species of turtles seized


Leatherback Turtle Spotted at Ocean Isle Beach!


A Group of Determined Turtles Struggle to Maintain Their Balance on a Slippery Log in a Murky Pond: video

No sign of rare turtles near future Kitchener school

Gracie the Tortoise goes missing, again

Did You Know…

François Marie Daudin (1776 – 1803) was a French zoologist. Described Cuora amboinensis amboinensis (Malayan box turtle), Gopherus polyphemus (Florida gopher tortoise) and Rafetus euphraticus (Euphrates softshell turtle).

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