World Turtle News, 05/12/2015

New Exhibit at the National Aquarium

With a gentle start to the week we have a super story and accompanying video about Jane Kim who has created a fantastic mural for the National Aquarium in Baltimore (pictured above). Check it out in the “Education” section.
A wildlife rehabber who had a drop off of 650 turtles from the Department of Environmental Conservation, see the “Crime and Punishment” section. Also several stories about the plight of sea turtles and a story about researching and tracking of the tiny bog turtle.

Turtle News From Around the World


Seaweed an emerging issue on the east coast.

South Walton Turtle Watch Preps for Nesting Season.

Distant glow confuses turtle hatchlings.

Endangered sea turtle snared by Auckland fisherman.

Watch For Turtles Crossing The Roads In Lubbock.

Researchers in Virginia, North Carolina hope to buoy the threatened bog turtle.


Paper Turtles and Frisky Skates Bring This Indoor Seashore to Life.

Crime & Punishment

Woman with 620 turtles in her bathroom has no clue what to do with them.

Did You Know…

The Bog Turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) is a semi-aquatic turtle endemic to the eastern United States. Bog turtles are omnivorous and eat aquatic plants (such as duckweed), seeds, berries, earthworms, snails, slugs, insects, other invertebrates, frogs, and other small vertebrates.

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