111 Days in the Making…

theTurtleRoom hatches a robust Vietnamese Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle Geoemyda spengleri after a record-length incubation period.

HatchedHatchling Geoemyda spengleri (Vietnamese Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle) last week, this little turtle was the largest and most world-ready hatchling Geoemyda spengleri theTurtleRoom has produced. At 7.4 grams, he burst from the egg following a team-record 111 day incubation period, brought on by a lower temperature regiment. Fluctuating room temperatures between 69 and 74 degrees were utilized in a dark corner of a cool basement, with temps remaining between 70 and 72 degrees for the majority of incubation. While Temperature Sex Determination (TSD) is not proven in this species, the Species Survival Plan (SSP) keeper suggests incubating at lower temperatures, as it is thought that low temperatures do produce males, which are extremely rare in the United States.

Our fingers are crossed that he and other Geoemyda spengleri theTurtleRoom produces turn out to be males as well.


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