World Turtle News, 01/12/2017

Turtle headcount: Volunteers shell out for critical trip

ON A National Parks map of the Capricorn-Bunker Islands, off the coast of Gladstone, there is one island with the highest level of restriction where only researchers can roam. Wreck Island doesn’t see nearly as many human feet as nearby Heron and Lady Musgrave Islands – but it does see an awful lot of flippers. For two weeks over Christmas, volunteers with the Queensland Turtle Research Program motored out to Wreck Island along with Lady Musgrave, North West and Heron Islands, to conduct an important task. The turtle census. Click the link to read more…

Turtle News From Around the World


USA:- Tracing Nesting Sea Turtles’ Family Trees: video

India:- Chennai clears six tonnes of trash to welcome Lepidochelys olivacea


Hongkong:- Tracking and conserving endangered wild turtles


TCS:- Love is all we need

Crime & Punishment

India:- Three in 14-day judicial custody over parrot, turtle sale

India:- 15 tortoises kept ‘illegally’ at Rajasthan temple rescued

St. Lucia:- Warning against sea turtle slaughter


USA:- Cape Malaclemy terrapin nurseries aim to boost survival chances

International Trade Threatens Turtle Species Diversity

Health & Medical

Australia:- Endangered Eretmochelys imbricata turtle fights for life, found covered in barnacles

USA:- Cold stunned turtles washing ashore: video

Australia:- Work on stormwater basins will ensure future for local wildlife

USA:- Wounded Chelonia mydas rescued in La Union

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Photo from Whit Sunday Coast Guardian.

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