World Turtle News, 07/22/2015

In case you needed another reason not to eat sea turtles…

Studying turtles off the northwestern coast of Mexico, researchers have found these turtles harbor varieties of antibiotic resistant bacteria. They found three species belonging to the genus Vibrio, which is best known for the bacteria that causes cholera. Another species has been known to cause gastroenteritis, wound infection, ear infection, and even septicemia. After determining which bacteria were present, the researchers then tested antibiotic resistance of the bacteria found. The authors of the study believe this discovery may be able to create a foundation for public awareness to slow interest in eating sea turtle meat, as risk of infection is high.

Turtle News From Around the World


Congrats to our friends at Houston Zoo for hatching four Orlitia borneensis, the Malaysian Giant Pond Turtle.

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries released juvenile Alligator Snapping Turtles into the Calcasieu River Basin as part of a reintroduction program.

The Costa Rica Government has launched a new workshop for Sea Turtle Conservation.

Lynda from Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre reports on her Blanding’s Turtle tracking adventures, highlighting the discovery of finding two new juveniles.


Perth Zoo filmed one of their Galapagos Tortoises, as it took a stroll to their x-ray centre for part of its checkup.

Did You Know…

In spite of it being illegal to eat sea turtle in many countries worldwide, the practice still continues on the black market.

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