World Turtle News, 07/17/2015

Hatchling of Palawan Forest Turtle Gives More Evidence Of Poaching

The Palawan Forest Turtle (Siebenrockiella leytensis) is a critically endangered species endemic to the Palawan island in the philippines. Its major threats, as many other speckes, are poaching for the international pet trade, for food and for traditional medicine. While this species is fully protected under domestic legislation, the international trade of captive-bred animals is permitted under this law and under CITES. Despite the unsuccessful breeding attempts in captivity by many organisations, many shipments from the Philippines of wild caught specimens are labeled as “captive-bred”. Many conservation organisation ask authorities to take action against that illegal trade. Read the full story here.

Turtle News From Around the World


Hawksbill turtle tagged with satellite tracker is being released into the Caribbean sea.

hawksbill turtles are being threatened by jewelry market in Palau island.

Assateague State Park released 7 rehabilitated sea turtles.

Kids helped save a green sea turtle in Southbeach, Mt Martha (Australia).

Volunteers found 7 sea turtle nests at Orange Beach, AL.

Health and Medical

Do you remember that sea turtle which was suffering from hypothermia last week ? Well a CT scan revealed no obvious problem nor damage to her lungs. Vets are optimistic.


A colony of Chelydra serpentina might exist in the Weber River area (Utah). This species is not native to Utah, hence being considered an invasive species.

Please, do not disturb a sea turtle who comes to the beach to lay egg. She may do a false crawl !

Turtles in California are suffering from the heat. The main turtle pond is dry and refugia pools are about to get dry as well. Shout out to those volunteer who keep bringing water to the pool.


Leatherback sea turtle found dead off the Maltese coast.

Crime and Punishment

High school kids are facing misdemeanor charges. If you remember that story from last week where a snapping turtle was brought to a party to be tortured.

Thieves broke into tortoises enclosure in Redhill and stole 20 of them. Police are appealing for information.


New law in Costa rica makes it illegal to keep Testudo graeca. Authorities are now being overwhelmed with people returning their tortoises.


A totoise was killed by a seagulls in Cornwall.

Did You Know…

Despite its status of “semi aquatic” species, Siebenrockiella leytensis‘s habitat requirement still remains unknown today.

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Photo from Katala Foundation Inc


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