World Turtle News, 06/21/2015

Blanding’s turtle travels 17 miles

We have a story about a Blandings turtle that was micro-chipped in 2007 which was found 17 miles away in 2014, highlighting how valuable wildlife corridors are and the extensive range of the the turtle. Also an audio interview with Dr James van Dyke whilst at the Murray River Turtle Forum at Calperum and a Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle release video, plus other stories, see the Conservation section. A couple rescue a freshwater terrapin that was found swimming in the salty Solent, Portsmouth, UK, see the Miscellany section.

Turtle News From Around the World


He made his way slowly, but he traveled 17 miles.

Riverland Turtle Talks.

First Turtle Release of the Season at Padre Island National Seashore.

Turtle Rehabilitation Centre run by NTM gains some extra support.

Lifeguards save injured turtles.

Crime & Punishment

Police busted gang of turtle smugglers in Kanpur


Couple rescue freshwater terrapin seen swimming in sea

Spunktacular Days helps Avon’s identity thrive.

So slow, moss grows on his back.

Did You Know…

Sternotherus odoratus also known as the common musk turtle or stinkpot was first described by the French taxonomist Pierre André Latreille in 1801.
At the time, almost all turtles were classified in the genus Testudo, and he gave it the name Testudo odorata. In 1825, John Edward Gray created the genus Sternotherus to include species of musk turtle and it became Sternotherus odoratus.

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