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World Turtle News, 06/11/2015

Turtle Excluder Devices becoming accepted in Malaysia

While the state of Louisiana mulls legislation allowing its officers to enforce United States TED (Turtle Excluder Device) laws, the Malaysian Fisheries Department is running workshops throughout their country, introducing TEDs to fishers in order to safeguard Malaysia’s turtle populations. If TEDs can find acceptance in Malaysia, there is no reason for Louisiana to hesitate any longer. The TED in use in Malaysia allows turtles to escape in less than one minute, rendering the danger of drowning death to nearly nil.

Turtle News From Around the World


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City of Venice, Florida scrambles to save Gopher Tortoises.

Fiji’s fisheries department once again pleads for people to stop feasting on sea turtle meat.

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Crime & Punishment

Seychelles police and Environment Ministry investigate man for possession of turtle meat.

$10,000 reward offered for information about the man standing on the Leatherback Sea Turtle.


Another missing sulcata is found.

Did You Know…

Many commercial shrimpers have embraced TEDs, even making their own, as it not only allows unwanted animals and debris to escape, but helps prevent the net from filling up with excess content or sustaining damage.

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Photo from Save Our Seas Foundation


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