World Turtle News, 03/07/2015

Desert Tortoise, Gopherus agassizii, receives 7,400 acres of protected land.

Similarly to the Bog Turtle preserve that was recently established in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a 7,400 acre plot of land has been established as the Fenner Valley Desert Tortoise Conservation Bank. The undeveloped properties enrolled in the Bank are located in area designated by the USFWS as critical habitat for Gopherus agassizii. This is an important victory for the continued conservation of the Desert Tortoise and long-term species research will also be done at the site, helping us to understand more about this keystone desert species. So, for the second time within a month, a United States corporation gives land up for preservation instead of development. We could get used to this.

Turtle News From Around the World


Meet the woman running the “proving grounds” of future marine and sea turtle biologists. A good read.

Crime and Punishment

An Ontario-based herbal supply company was caught smuggling turtle parts for “traditional medicine” thanks to a Canadian paleontologist.

Thanks to these tourists, the Maylasian government issued a reminder that their Wildlife Conservation Act makes it illegal to harass animals. Sea turtles have been known to die from the shock and stress from being mishandled. Hopefully this guy handles it ok.


You, too, can see sea turtles lay eggs on your vacation.


Is that wildlife documentary lying to you?

Did You Know…

The Desert Tortoise’s expansive burrows are a subterranean neighborhood shared by other reptiles, birds, invertebrates, and mammals. Without the tortoise to create this environment, many other species’ survival would be threatened.

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