Hatchling Clemmys guttata (Spotted Turtle)

Spotted Turtle Enclosure

Anthony shares a new Spotted Turtle (Clemmys guttata) enclosure design that he just completed. This enclosure design is straight forward and easy to construct, but provides a good habitat for a small group of shallow-water-loving turtles. Thanks for watching!

Caramel Red-Eared Slider Pond

Anthony shows off his homemade predator and child proof pond and nesting box which houses a pair of Caramel Pink RES. The Sliders are kept outside during the summer months, and are brought in side during the cool months. For details on the construction of the nesting box, check out the post Anthony shared last year after it was built.

The Complete Balanced Filtration System

Pete, a special guest of theTurtleRoom, shares his experience and knowledge in filter engineering to help you build a quality filtration system. One of the most important parts of keeping your turtle healthy and happy is a good filtration system. I like to take the balanced approach. In a balanced filtration system, we must look at every part. Filtration systems consist of a filter, different type …

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Building A Nest Box For Above-Ground Ponds

Anthony walks you through the construction of the nest box for his above-ground ponds. Before deciding to move your animals outside, you must first answer some basic questions before constructing an enclosure: “Will my turtle escape?” “Will predators be able to gain access to my turtles?” “How will I protect them from the elements?” To answer these questions, some planning is necessary and the result will depend on …

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Organic Gardening is Key When Keeping Turtles

Curtis explains how keeping turtles and organic gardening go hand-in-hand. Spring gets all the attention, and with good reason. It’s the season when all awakens. Birds migrate back from their winter grounds, flowers are blooming, song birds are singing, trees leaf out and the grass greens up. And if you keep turtles, like I do, it’s the time when you see some friends that you haven’t …

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