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Project Summary

The CheloniaCast podcast was created to tackle topics such as the rich science of Chelonian ecology, evolution, husbandry, conservation and discuss our simple love and joy of turtles and herping adventures! We invite a wide range of guests from all turtle-related backgrounds because we strongly believe in helping turtles swim to the ears and hearts of anyone – from every level and type of knowledge/ interest for turtles.

In conjunction with the show, theTurtleRoom has set up the CheloniaCast Fund, seen below, to support global research and conservation efforts. Near the end of each calendar year, the CheloniaCast Hosts and theTurtleRoom’s board will work together to select projects around the globe to receive the bulk of the calendar year’s contributions to the fund (75%). The remaining 25% of donations to the CheloniaCast Fund will go toward theTurtleRoom’s general fund to support our conservation, research, and education programs.

Bonded by a common burning passion for turtles, CheloniaCast is hosted by a team of four young herpetologists – Michael, Jack, Jason, and Ken. To learn more about the show and its young hosts, visit the show’s homepage.

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