Shannon Pierlioni

Shannon is the wife of tTR Senior Director, Anthony Pierlioni and could regale us with endless stories of life as a "Turtle Wife". Visit Shannon's blog, Primping and Pumping where she shares the good, bad, funny and sad experiences of life as a working mother with her readers.

Turtley Devoted, Episode 39

Appreciate Traditional Medicine

In this episode, Shannon and Anthony discuss the pressure to network and connect with like-minded people. Are Anthony’s autobiographical efforts a waste of time? Will the Traditional Chinese Medicine that drove several turtle species to extinction help those pesky colon issues you’ve been having? Listen to the episode and find out.

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Turtley Devoted, Episode 38


Shannon and Anthony are back and just when you thought it couldn’t get any more interesting, they hit you with the pinkpearlsnpreppyco. Time to put your big boy pants on and join us as we discuss Shannon’s new business venture… …Well, it’s not much of a business as it were, but it IS a venture. We will also talk about walking through the Everglades, Anthony’s

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Turtley Devoted, Episode 37

This isn't a Debate

Shannon and Anthony sit down to discuss some pretty important topics of contention between them, including revisiting the pivotal, turn-of-the-century ratings duel between Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin. They also discuss the importance, or lack thereof, of the Jurassic Park film franchise. These debates are the foundation upon which a strong relationship exists. Oh yeah, their daughter also asked if Anthony loves turtles more than

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Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 36

Still Crazy, After All These Years

Shannon and Anthony are back on the day of their tenth wedding anniversary, of all days. They talk about the white lies they’ve told each other, what they are most proud of, and the challenges that marriage can throw at us all. For anyone wondering, living with someone with a unique obsession and life’s work gets easier – and so does marriage.

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Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 35

Switching Roles

What could be more fun than listening to Shannon complain about her medical woes? Anthony complaining about having to hold the household together during that time, that’s what. As if he wasn’t busy enough already with work, travel, presentations, and with the warm days of spring approaching fast and animals waking up and needing attention, Anthony must figure out how to juggle it all. As

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Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 33

The Christmas Episode

Oh boy. They didn’t even call it a holiday episode. Not cool. Either way, you should check it out, because they talk about Shannon’s best Christmas gift she’s ever received, which was given to her by one of Anthony’s turtle friends. Is that even possible? Man, they’ve come a long way. This is proof that there is a chance for everyone. That is, unless your

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Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 32

Like, We're Not Vibing and Jiving

Big surprise, Shannon has been feeling distant from Anthony lately. Perhaps even less surprising is the fact that Anthony hasn’t noticed. Perhaps the fact that Anthony will travel for work soon is the reason for the disconnect. Or maybe it has to do with Anthony going rogue and recording a rambling, poor excuse for a podcast episode while driving last month that is likely to

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