Shannon Pierlioni

Shannon is the wife of tTR Senior Director, Anthony Pierlioni and could regale us with endless stories of life as a "Turtle Wife". Visit Shannon's blog, Primping and Pumping where she shares the good, bad, funny and sad experiences of life as a working mother with her readers.

Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 25

Got a Little Heated There for a Minute

Listener Appreciation – Part Two. Shannon is coming in hot in this one. She’s done her homework this time and has questions of her own, keeping the theme of listener appreciation going. Will this be the episode to end their podcast, before they’ve even reached a year of doing so? Let’s hope not.

Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 24

A 'Special' Episode

Listener Appreciation – Part One. Shannon and Anthony agree, perhaps the best outcome from starting this podcast has been the outpouring of feedback from the listeners. In this episode they answer questions from listeners and have a great time doing it… For the most part.

Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 23

"I Love Your Tertle's"

This conversation stemmed from a development briefly mentioned on the last show – their six year old daughter brought Anthony a note written on the back of a receipt, which reads “I love your tertle’s.” While on the surface this might seem like a joyous thing, Anthony couldn’t help but think that it had negative connotations, as well. How does being often times consumed by …

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Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 22

Let That Catch 22 Sink In, In Life

Lots going on in this episode. Anthony and Shannon strongly disagree on important relationship stressors that every couple grapples with – terrestrial snails in the house and turtle mating on social media. They’re up to their butts in alligators… Not really. I guess you’ll have to listen to know what all of this nonsense even means, in life.

Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 21

Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Shannon is flying solo in this episode with her new friend Dominique DiFalco of the Modern Medusa Podcast. Her show highlights females in herpetoculture and herpetology, a desperately needed viewpoint that we are thrilled to see represented more through her work. Dominique is just cool, and that shines through in this episode. As the Pierlioni girls would say “I don’t need no man,” and in …

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Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 20

What Does He Keep Talking About?

If you’ve listened to the show before, you’ve likely heard Anthony rambling on about this thing called the Enneagram. Apparently we all have personality types that determine not just how, but why we approach conflicts and decisions in our lives the way we do. They say opposites attract, and Anthony and Shannon are no different. In this episode, they discuss what it means to be …

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Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 19


Lots of updates since Shannon and Anthony last recorded – Shannon was a guest on a wonderful podcast, she has been running many educational talks, and her favorite tortoise passed away. Definitely good and bad things going on in their world, and Anthony hopes that the loss of their beloved Lenny will not hinder the progress they’ve made in their partnership in turtle related endeavors.

Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 18


At their house, every day is National Pet Day. Join Shannon and Anthony as they bicker even more than usual, particularly about how they choose to raise their kids – Shannon likes to instill healthy fear and dislike of certain “taxa,” while Anthony uses any excuse he can to share “science moments,” with them and anyone who will listen. Anyway(s), you’re sure to enjoy this …

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Turtley Devoted

Turtley Devoted, Episode 17

Can't Trust Anyone with Three First Names

Anthony and Shannon discuss a few updates in their world of turtles, and almost make it through an episode without Shannon needing a bathroom break. They also discuss a prominent news story that has been rocking the turtle world – but that’s not enough to get Shannon interested in talking… great. What is it about recording in the evening that zaps their energy? They really …

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