Gerard is a Husbandry Specialist, working privately to develop quality, detailed captive breeding programs of carefully selected turtle and tortoise specimens in an effort to meet theTurtleRoom's conservation goals. He also provides raw media for use in the development of theTurtleRoom's educational resources. Gerard has been in love with reptiles, and especially chelonians, since childhood. He grew up running around the Florida wilderness catching turtles and started keeping turtles from a young age. When Russ Gurley's book, Keeping and Breeding Freshwater Turtles came out, Gerard became hooked more than ever before. He has been employed in reptiles since he started working and has spent time in almost every branch of the turtle hobby, from working for importers/exporters to zoos, and managing private collections for others. He spends his days working with turtles and has a special passion for the Batagur and softshell species, and has the goal of keeping and breeding each of these species. Gerard's wife and two kids (a son and a daughter), are the most important people in the world to him - they always come first. His other hobby, which he loves equally to turtles, is fishing. He and his dad can frequently be found together, either working with turtles or reeling in something big. Gerard is a member of the Turtle Survival Alliance and Turtle & Tortoise Preservation Group, as well as a member of many turtle, tortoise, and frog forums, including, where he can frequently be found as gerards. You can contact him at [email protected].

Adult Female Pelusios nanus (African Dwarf Mud Turtle)

Gerard Hatches a Rare Gem

One of the first ever hatchings of the rare African Dwarf Mud Turtle Pelusios nanus in the United States In this impressive video, one can admire the diminutive size of this newborn representative of one of the smallest chelonian species on the planet. Gerard shares the exciting arrival of what might be the very first US captive bred African Dwarf Mud Turtles (Pelusios nanus). If

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Albino Box Turtle Copulation

Gerard shares footage of his albino female Terrapene carolina carolina with a normal male There is no better reward for a turtle keeper than that experienced when producing healthy hatchlings. Gerard works with many rare morphs, in addition to his conservation centered projects. He has a strong interest in producing animals that cannot be found anywhere else. The viable eggs he has gotten from this

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Juvenile Matamata Turtle (Chelus fimbriata)

Oh Snap!!!

Gerard’s Matamata Chelus fimbriata sends shock waves through the fish world We had to slow this video down to see that the turtle actually DID get one of the fish! If you don’t believe us, slow it down and see for yourself! If you liked the Matamata video from a few days ago, this one might be even more entertaining. Here, Gerard shares a short

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Young Matamata Turtle (Chelius fimbriata)

Matamata Snaps Up Fish

Gerard’s Chelus fimbriata shows off hunting skills Gerard, new breeder at theTurtleRoom shares a quick video of one member of his beautiful group of Matamata Turtles (Chelus fimbriata). This species has the weakest bite of all turtle species, which it makes up for with an ambush hunting style that includes a unique vacuum motion. Stay tuned for upcoming project pages and updates of more of

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Hatchling Albino Tortoise (Centrochelys sulcata)

Welcome to Gerard and His Albino Tortoises

An unforgettable Albino African Spur-Thighed Tortoise Centrochelys sulcata Gerard, new breeder at theTurtleRoom shares a quick video of one member of his beautiful group of albino African Spur-Thighed Tortoises (Centrochelys sulcata). Watch this movie and it will be impossible to erase from your mind the impressive image of this amazing little tortoise. Stay tuned for upcoming project pages and updates of more of Gerard’s animals,

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