Andrew Hermes

Board Member / Special Projects Assistant

Andrew Hermes, Board Member / Special Projects Assistant - theTurtleRoom

Andrew Hermes is the creator of Arizona Tortoise Compound where he is 100% dedicated to the captive care and breeding of over 40 different tortoise species/subspecies and also works with a handful of freshwater turtle species. Continuing to learn and better himself as a tortoise caretaker, Andrew is an active member in the tortoise community by contributing to many different tortoise organizations, rescues, forums, and captive tortoise breeding efforts. He participates in AZA Studbooks and SSPs, and has set up an adoption program to rescue and rehome native Arizona Desert Tortoises (Gopherus morafkai). Here at theTurtleRoom, Andrew is a Board Member and his day-to-day title is Special Projects Assistant. His duties include caring for animals, writing educational content, and assisting the Executive Director and department heads with other behind-the-scenes efforts such as fundraising. Articles written by Andrew can be found in REPTILES magazine, Radiata Journal,, and Furthermore, Andrew is a member of the Turtle Survival Alliance, Turtle & Tortoise Preservation Group, and The Turtle Conservancy. Visit him and his amazing chelonians at

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