World Turtle News, 06/26/2015

Emys marmorata Found In The Bull Run Watershed

The Bull Run Watershed is the primary drinking water supply in Portland. A Portland Water Bureau watershed specialist came across a western pond turtle while he was working. The turtle was crossing the road where either side is just dense forest and is located at least 1 mile away from any pond or waterbody. This turtle is the first turtle ever found in the Bull Run Watershed and it is also the first turtle of its kind to be found in the Mt Hood National Forest.

Turtle News From Around the World


That Adopt-A Nest program is intended to help saving sea turtles.


Tortoise society promotes it’s work and educate people at the same time at its open day.

Grad student from Iowa State University volunteers in Costa Rica for a turtle project.

Health and Medical

Olive ridley sea turtle who’s lost a flipper has been rescued in Juhu.

Stranded leatherback sea turtle was taken to the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.

Research and discovery

Experts say sea turtles nesting season would attract more sharks on shores.

Did You Know…

The western pond turtle, Emys marmorata, is a priority at-risk species for the Oregon Conservation Strategy created by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. They have experiences a huge decline due to habitat loss and human impact.

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Photo from Atlantic Wildlife Institute


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